Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 10, 2022) - Barksdale Resources Corp. (TSXV: BRO) (OTCQX: BRKCF) ("Barksdale" or the "Company") is pleased to announce additional assay results from its Phase I, 5,000-meter drilling program at the Cerro Verde zone on the San Javier project in Sonora, Mexico. These latest results have expanded the footprint of the Cerro Verde copper zone to the south and west.

Drilling Highlights:

  • Drilling results received from holes SJ21-31 and SJ21-35 continue to confirm and expand the footprint of the Cerro Verde zone. Key results include 48 meters of 0.54% copper from 90-135 meters (SJ21-31) and 15 meters of 0.35% copper from 45-60 meters (SJ21-35).
  • Additionally, hole SJ21-31 intercepted a thick interval of oxide gold mineralization 36 meters grading 1.11 g/t gold from 27-63 meters depth, including 15 meters grading 1.71 g/t gold from 30-45 meters depth. These results have extended the gold bearing portion at Cerro Verde by approximately 70 meters to the south.

Rick Trotman, President and CEO of Barksdale commented: "The additional holes from the Phase I drilling program continue to yield impressive copper and gold intercepts. The step out hole on the western flank of Cerro Verde has extended mineralization to the west and the SJ21-36 confirms that the copper zone extends to the south. Additionally, the oxide gold zone was extended to the south by SJ21-31, which encountered a very encouraging oxide gold intercept. Delivering these results in this copper and gold environment is very exciting and we look forward to continuing to push this asset forward."

Drill Hole Discussion

Hole SJ21-31 (Figure 1) was designed to test the extension of high-grade gold and/or copper mineralization encountered in hole SJ21-04 and SJ21-29 (see the press release dated October 25, 2021). The drill hole successfully intercepted a shallow oxide gold interval consisting of 36 meters grading 1.11 g/t gold, beginning at 27 meters. This extends the gold zone by approximately 70 meters to the south. Hole SJ21-31 also intercepted a thick copper oxide interval containing 0.54% copper over 48 meters from 90 meters depth. The hole ended in sulfide mineralization grading 0.54% copper over the final 3-meters of the hole from 144 meters depth. After reviewing the data, the Company has determined that hole SJ21-29, which is on the same section as SJ21-31, was likely ended too soon and should have been extended another 50-75 meters to intercept the copper zone. This hole is a prime candidate for extension during subsequent drilling programs.

Hole SJ21-35 (Figure 2) was designed to test the western extension of copper mineralization at Cerro Verde. The drill hole intersected multiple intervals that successfully extended mineralization to the west by approximately 50 meters, including: 15 meters grading 0.35% copper, 12 meters grading 0.22% copper, and 6 meters grading 0.24% copper. Further extensions of the deposit at Cerro Verde to the west will require construction of additional drill road access. This is currently being requested via an amendment to the current exploration permit.

Hole SJ21-36 was designed to test the potential for copper mineralization south of the Cerro Verde zone. The hole was collared approximately 75 meters south of the known copper oxide footprint and encountered a broad interval of lower grade copper oxide mineralization (0.11% copper over the first 42 meters). This included 3 meters of 0.24% copper from surface. Additional drilling to the south and southwest will likely be completed once permit amendments have been received.

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Figure 1. Drill section highlighting copper and gold assay results from SJ21-31. True widths are approximately 70% of drill intercepts.

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Figure 2. Drill section highlighting copper assay results from SJ21-35. Note that SJ21-02 was a metallurgical PQ-sized hole that is being preserved for future metallurgical and geotechnical studies - only one 11m interval was sampled/assayed as part of the ongoing column leach metallurgical testing program. True widths are approximately 70% of drill intercepts.

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Figure 3. Plan view of the Cerro Verde zone showing the historic mineralization footprint, the extent of mapped oxidation at surface, and recently completed drilling by Barksdale. Mineralization remains open to the south, southeast, southwest, and northeast.

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Table 1. Significant Drill Hole Results (Copper above 0.20% and/or Gold above 0.20 g/t). True widths vary between 70-90%.

  From To Interval Cu Au Type of
Hole (m) (m) (m) (%) (g/t) Mineralization
SJ21-31 12 18 6 0.06% 0.28 Oxide
  27 63 36 0.05% 1.11 Oxide
including 27 42 15 0.03% 1.71 Oxide
and 54 57 3 0.06% 1.89 Oxide
  90 138 48 0.54%   Oxide / Enriched
including 132 138 6 1.35%   Enriched
  144 147 3 0.54%   Sulfide
SJ21-35 9 15 6 0.24%   Mixed
  27 39 12 0.22%   Mixed
  45 60 15 0.35%   Mixed
SJ21-36 0 3 3 0.24%   Oxide



Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Drilling was completed using HQ size diamond drill core and core was logged by geologic consultants engaged by the Company. Drill holes were logged and marked for sampling prior to being sawn in half using a diamond blade saw, with one half of the sawn core being placed in a cloth sample bag, with a unique sample tag, while the second half was returned to the wooden core box for storage on site. Sample assays are being performed by Skyline Assayers & Laboratories, an accredited (ISO 9001) laboratory. Core samples are analyzed for total copper, acid soluble copper, cyanide soluble cooper, as well as well as a multi element ICP Analysis.

The analytical work has been and is subject to a QA/QC program that includes certified reference standards from OREAS North America. These standards are of similar composition to the rock types at San Javier. Several different standards are included in each batch of samples submitted to the lab. These controls are tracked to ensure the integrity of the assay data. Results are all within acceptable limits.

Table 2. Drill Hole Information

Hole Easting Northing Elevation Depth Azimuth Dip Status
SJ21-01 623292 3160798 942 100 0 -90 Metallurgical Hole
SJ21-02 623138 3160631 967 100 0 -90 Metallurgical Hole
SJ21-03 623140 3160622 967 90 180 -45 Metallurgical Hole
SJ21-04 623341 3160588 1007 61 0 -90 Metallurgical Hole
SJ21-04 623341 3160588 1007 201 0 -90 Extension of Met Hole (Previously Announced)
SJ21-05 623258 3160598 1006 260 90 -72 Previously Announced
SJ21-06 623258 3160602 1019 250 45 -50 Previously Announced
SJ21-07 623432 3160791 922 200 90 -70 Previously Announced
SJ21-08 623554 3160599 829 285 270 -50 Previously Announced
SJ21-09 623462 3160563 893 150 270 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-10 623229 3160482 960 231 45 -50 Previously Announced
SJ21-11 623440 3160641 903 176 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-12 623016 3160344 869 180 90 -51 Previously Announced
SJ21-13 623332 3160401 896 120 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-14 623331 3160401 896 140 270 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-15 623129 3160534 931 155 90 -59 Previously Announced
SJ21-16 623529 3160750 820 52.5 270 -51 Previously Announced
SJ21-17 623529 3160750 820 55 0 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-18 623435 3160408 873 60 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-19 623435 3160408 873 80 245 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-20 623533 3160852 768 170 270 -45 Previously Announced
SJ21-21 623533 3160852 768 30 0 -45 Previously Announced
SJ21-22 623655 3160882 698 30 225 -50 Previously Announced
SJ21-23 623584 3160911 771 30 260 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-24 623406 3161005 849 120 90 -64 Previously Announced
SJ21-25 623602 3161009 786 195 90 -55 Previously Announced
SJ21-26 623195 3160750 960 120 270 -80 Previously Announced
SJ21-27 623200 3160549 969 63 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-28 623257 3160557 1009 185 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-29 623302 3160553 996 140 0 -90 Previously Announced
SJ21-30 623352 3160556 1003 185 0 -90 Assays Pending
SJ21-31 623311 3160435 920 147 0 -50 Announced in This Release
SJ21-32 623138 3160586 951 166.5 0 -90 Assays Pending
SJ21-33 623025 3160500 846 165 270 -60 Assays Pending
SJ21-34 623017 3160600 850 130 270 -60 Assays Pending
SJ21-35 623010 3160650 849 84 270 -60 Announced in This Release
SJ21-36 623200 3160000 789 95 0 -90 Announced in This Release


Scientific and technical information in this news release has been reviewed and approved by Lewis Teal, Senior Consultant to the Company and a 'Qualified Person' as defined under Canadian National Instrument 43-101.

Barksdale Resources Corp. is a base metal exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., that is focused on the acquisition, exploration and advancement of highly prospective base metal projects in North America. Barksdale is currently advancing the Sunnyside copper-zinc-lead-silver and San Antonio copper projects, both of which are in the Patagonia mining district of southern Arizona, as well as the San Javier copper-gold project in central Sonora, Mexico.


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